Evie Blue oxygell

Evie Blue OxyGell

Our OxyGell is a “revolutionary” worldwide unique composition powder based. Nature friendly ingredients and is therefore 100% biodegradable. The OxyGell has a greater disinfectant effect than products based on 80% alcohol. In contrast to alcohol, adults and especially kids can safely disinfect and hygienically clean hands without drying out the skin.

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– Kills up to 100% of bacteria, fungi and spores, viruses within 60 sec.
– Free from alcohol, chlorine, ammonia, parabens and EDTA’s
– Hypoallergenic and unique skin care formula
– The safest way for kids to clean hands (alcohol free formula)
– Save up to 85% on transport cost (volume and weight advantage)

Approved lab analyses & references

NEN-EN 1276:2019 NEN-EN 1650:2019 EN-ISO 11930:2013/05 1) Regulation (EU) no. 528/2012: Evaluation of active substances, assessment report for peracetic acid. 2) Biocidal Products Committee (BPC): Opinion on the application for approval of the active substance Peracetic acid, for Product type 1, ECHA/BPC/067/2015





Evie Blue oxygell

100ml bottle with pre-filled
OxyGell powder formula dosage

Bottle 100ml OxyGell handsanitizer with OxyGell formula.
High quality dosing bottle with dosing valve cap.
Refill: Just add water

1 pcs (100ml)

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Cartonbox 24 pcs (100ml)

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