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About Evie Blue


Evie Blue believes high-quality cleaning products and sustainability go hand in hand: good for our planet and for people. By using a biodegradable soluble powder and life long high-quality bottles, we reduce the use of plastic and make sure no harmful chemicals end up in our environment. We are committed to making professional cleaning fun and easy, and conserving our planet while doing it.


Evie Blue aims to lead the professional cleaning industry globally with high-quality sustainable products. Now is the time to contribute to sustainable alternatives that conserve mother nature, rather than degrade it. Evie Blue’s biodegradable soluble powder gives a new dimension to cleaning that fits with our clients’ needs, while being planet proof.


Our modern lifestyles have proven to create major issues for mother nature Plastic pollution, biodiversity-loss and climate change are threatening our natural resources. Evie Blue is committed to combat these issues by using biodegradable soluble powders and high-end reusable bottles, reducing (plastic) waste and conserving our environment. Our ingredients and packaging materials are certified compostable and leave no trace. In a world where our natural resources are depleting rapidly, we believe the future is circular production, reducing waste and reusing materials, conserving our planet for generations to come.
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