Evie Blue is made from nature friendly ingredients and is 100% biodegradable. With the certified eco-refills you can refill the plastic spray bottle instead of throwing it away. And with the exact dose of eco-refills, we save not only packaging material but also packed trucks to transport all those cleaning bottles. Smart thinking!!

Evie Blue’s powder based formulas are 100% biodegradable. This means that 100% of the cleaning product can be broken down naturally within a short period (28 days).

Nature friendly is generally translated into ‘not harmful to nature’. Evie Blue uses only save ingredients checked/certified by the European supply chain “REACH”.

No, it doesn’t fit into Evie Blue’s philosophy of doing animal testing. In addition, Evie Blue’s products are safe to use in the vicinity of animals. Evie Blue is not only save to use, but also friendly for nature and animals!

Yes! Evie Blue does not contain any ingredients derived from animal origin or from them and has not been tested on animals.

Evie Blue definitely can replace your current cleaning products. Evie Blue is created to match not only cleaning power, but also the long term “positive” effect on the user. So our philosophy is to optimize strength and user friendliness into Evie Blue, so once you start using Evie Blue you are sold!!

Almost all powder based formulas are scented with some beautiful (ECO Label proof) fragrances. The kitchen or food related cleaning products are free from scent because of the HACCP regulations. Isn’t it just nice to have a scent to your cleaning product… we think it is.

No, our eco-refills are made of certified compostable paper/cellulose and fully recyclable and eco-friendly ink’s, so please stick to the old paper! Just like the box, that’s also possible with the old paper. Smart thinking!!

We have looked critically at multiple types of materials for our Bottle4Life. Our choice has fallen on the strong PET bottle because we believe that reusing is even better than recycling. The triggersprayer is a EcoLabel proof pure plastic (no metals), strong and durable so optimal recyclability after a long life use.

Yess.. the powders dissolves in any type water: Tap water, deep well water, Reverse Osmose water, rain water, condense water and even in Fresh or saltwater form the lake or oceans. The Evie Blue powders dissolves best and fastest in lukewarm to hot water. With cold water up to 2°Celsius it may take a little longer. Also good shaking works miraculously:-) Ps. Don’t forget to turn the cap on it before you start shaking enthusiastically.

No, you can mix Evie Blue’s powders with water from every clearwater tap. The innovative formula binds lime and other minerals from the mixed clear tap water type to maintain a stain free finish.  Of course when using dirty/cloudy water the results can be different but still contains the cleaning power.


We’ve narrowed the sachets so they fit right into the opening of the bottle. As a result, the risk of spillage is low. Mind you, make sure you cut the sachet straight at the top, then the powder can get out the easiest. It is best to fill the bottle with water first and then with powder to prevent over foaming. Alternatively, of course, you can also, but then gently add the water via the edge of the bottle.

Yess.. It fits into Evie Blue’s philosophy of not using harmful ingredients. It is therefore free of substances such as phosphates, parabens, chlorine, ammonia, enzymes and EDTA’s.

No, we don’t recommend that. The contents of the bags are precisely tuned to the dosage mentioned on the refill and the needed amount of water to get the perfect cleaning result. A very common mistake in cleaning industry is using too much product… this can lead to sticky floors or a non-strike free result. Ask your local sales agent for an product training when needed.

The pH values of the Evie Blue products are available at the specific product page.
A wide range of products from pH1(acids) to neutral and up to pH13 are available for any type cleaning job.

Evie Blue uses dermatologically approved ingredients and created formula’s that are hypoallergenic and suitable for most skin types. Ofcourse when you have a very sensitive skin and using our acid or high alkaline based products, please be careful and always use gloves.

Evie Blue’s cleaning products are high concentrated formula’s and can therefore be harmful to the eyes. For all cleaning products, you should always be careful and keep the products out of reach of your eyes. Did you get Evie Blue in your eyes? If possible, first remove any contact lenses and continue rinsing for a few minutes. If there is persistent irritation, consult a doctor and keep the packaging in reach.

Yess…ONLY the powder based Evie Blue products can be mixed safely to increase strength or upgrade hygienic levels. For specific mixing procedures contact your local sales agent for further instructions.

You can find these at the detailed product page.
Just click the download product sheet button.

Yes and No, the powder based formulas can be stored in a dry place at room temperature for a very long time (3+ years) , the mixed or RTU products on the condition that they are stored in a dry place at room temperature, can be used easily without loss of strength, scent or discoloration within 6 months up to 2 years. Hygienic products have a shorter shelf life, our advice with the sanitizers and hygienic products is to refresh them every 2 to 4 weeks for maximum hygienic results.

Yes! Surfaces that have been cleaned with Evie Blue products, including children’s chairs and tables, toys are safe for children because Evie Blue does not contain dangerous ingredients. BUT, always make sure the products are out of reach of children. Evie Blue, as with all cleaning products, is also not suitable for consumption. After swallowing Evie Blue’s products you should immediately drink a glass of water and call a doctor or the antivenom centre as soon as possible: the Dutch Association for Intensive Care at +31 (0)30 274 8888 or on nvic.nl. Keep the Evie Blue label handy or download the MSDS sheet form the product page.

At the distributors page on the www.evieblue.nl website all our sales locations and distributors are listed. Want to become a distributor of world’s best and friendliest cleaning product please send us an email to info@ppgcleaning.com