Evie Blue Oxyfoam

Oxyfoam is a skin care active oxygen-based disinfectant hand foam for daily hand hygiene. Disinfection formula based on natural-friendly ingredients, enriched with active oxygen elements and a moisturizing effect for optimal hand care and soft touch feel.

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Evie Blue Oxyfoam Dispenser Pro:
Foam Dispenser Pro is perfect for intensive use. A touch-free and mess-free dispenser that accomodates more than the regular dispensers, yet easier and smarter in its usage. With the patented technology, the unique combination of the Dispenser and Oxyfoam shows more than 70% decrease in sanitizer usage, which results in the most competitive concept on the market and saves costs in usage.

– Up to 5000 disinfecting doses per unit
– 100% made in Holland
– Stainless steel frame, for all weather conditions
– Option to customize color and logo
– No touch foot pedal pressed *patented technology
– High quality foam technology

Additional info Dispenser:
Refill Volume up to 5000ml
Weight 14,5 kilogram
Dimensions (LxWxH) 160 x 220 x 1100 cm
Base Plate (LxW) 400 x 400
Body material Stainless Steel
Packaging Individually packed

Additional info Refill
Refill Volume 5000ml
Number of Dosage 5000 (1ml)
Packaging Individually packed, 6pcs per cartonbox





Evie Blue oxyfoam dispenser pro

OxyFoam Dispenser Pro 5000ml

High-End Foam Dispenser Pro with patented foam technology in Stainless steel quality.
Refill: OxyFoam 5000ml
Available Colors: Taylor made option

1 pcs (5000ml)

Product code:

OxyFoam 6 x 5000ml refill
pH 7 (+/- 1)

OxyFoam handsanitizer 5000ml refill can for Dispenser Pro.
Content: 150 gram Oxyfoam powder
Refill: Ad refill to empty jerrycan

1 pcs (5000ml)

Product code:

Cartonbox 6 pcs (5000ml)

Product code: