Manual Foam Dispenser

PlastiQline Exclusive dispenser:
– High-quality wall mounted 900ml manual dispenser
– ABS black dispenserframe with Stainless Steel front
– Designed for optimal user-friendliness
– Trouble free installation (simple and quick)
– Easy detachable pump/reservoir unit.
– Stock indicator

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Material: ABS
Color: Black/Stainless Steel
Total Capacity: 900ml
Dispensing Capacity of Each Time: 20ml (0.6ml liquid)
Item Size: 252 x 127 x 115mm
Item Weight: 570g
Package Size: 255 x 130 x 127mm
Package Weight: 669g

Package List:
1 * Soap Dispenser
1 * Key
1 * Installation Screw Set

* Liquid or spray version on request

* Extra detachable refill container 900ml






Easy Refill Manual Foam Dispenser 900ml

High-quality smart wall mounted 900ml manual foam dispenser
Refill: 1000ml refill foam soap
Available Colors: Black/Stainless Steel

1 pcs (900ml)

Product code:

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