Evie Blue Groupshot Glass Cleaner

Evie Blue Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner for professional use with antistatic effect, based on alcohols and surfactants. Ideally suited for cleaning smooth and shiny surfaces such as: glass, display cabinets, varnished wood, doors, etc. Also applicable on display screens, keyboards and other computer peripherals.

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Apply undiluted for heavily polluted surfaces, allow it to work and then wipe off with a lint-free cloth or chamois leather. When applying to electrical equipment, make sure that it is not switched on and that the liquid cannot get into the equipment. Dosage adjust concentrate (mix in water max 1:50) to own insight into pollution of the surface. Test in advance in a small area of what you would like to clean. For professional use only.

Refill the spray bottle with the exact dosage RTU (ready to use) refill spout bag.


Stripe free finish, Antistatic effect, high concentrated product.
High Glossy effect on all Glass and Stainless steel surfaces





Evie Blue Glass Cleaner Bottle 500ml

Glass cleaner 12 x 500ml
pH 7 (+/- 0,5)

Glass cleaner RTU (12 x 500ml)
Supplied with high quality pre-
compression triggersprayer (black)
Dillute: mix in water max 1:50.
Scent: Artic Breeze

1 pcs (500ml)

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Cartonbox  12 pcs (500ml)

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Evie Blue Glass Cleaner Pouch 500ml

Glass cleaner refill 24 x 500ml
pH 7 (+/- 0,5)

Glass cleaner RTU refill (24 x 500ml)
Exact dosage refills for 500ml glass cleaner spraybottle.
Refill: Add content to empty bottle
Scent: Artic Breeze

1 pcs (500ml)

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Cartonbox 24 pcs (500ml)

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