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We take cleaning seriously – as do your guests!

The demand for sustainable and safe products is increasing, as people are becoming more aware of environmental and health risks related to cleaning products. Evie Blue is a safe and sustainable alternative that offers a full package of cleaning products: surface cleaners, hygiene products, hand soap and shampoo, plus luxury refillable hand foam dispensers.

Evie Blue offers optimal transparency into the consumption of our products within facility departments. Our unique dosage system (1 sachet = 1 refill) allows insight into the use of our product by your employees and therefore the costs.

By using environmentally friendly ingredients and avoiding harsh chemicals, our products are safe to use and do not compromise the health of your employees. This results in lower sick days within your team.

With Evie Blue’s products guests can expect a clean and safe environment, complimented by the natural scents of our luxury interior perfumes.

carpet cleaner sachet
carpet cleaner bottle

Why Evie?

  • Optimal experience for guests: high-quality cleaners and long-lasting soft and fresh scents
  • Portion control = cost control
  • Sustainable and healthy ingredients for safe daily use by your employees
  • Ergonomic 500ml bottles andefficient dosage system

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to join the ​professional cleaning revolution​!