Cleaning professionals

Our products are made for people who ‚Äčknow about cleaning. Our high-end reusable bottles and biodegradable soluble powders offer a potent cleaning experience, while eliminating plastic waste and harmful chemicals in nature.

Choosing quality products with a heart for the environment will uplift what you do best: cleaning.

We understand the challenges you face and have therefore made adjustments to your benefit. For one, Evie Blue saves 90% of storage space with its reusable bottles and plastic-free sachets. Additionally, due to our ingredients being biodegradable and therefore nature friendly, you avoid issues regarding the storage of chemicals.

Safe sustainable cleaning products as an USP

As more and more people are becoming aware of issues relating to their health and the environment, the demand for safe sustainable products is increasing. Evie Blue will allow your business to meet this increasing demand and offer you an unique selling point in this industry. We offer a complete package for surface cleaning products.

Why Evie?

Our beautifully designed reusable bottles and plastic-free sachets ensure the right dosage every time, making it easy to use for cleaning professionals.

  • High-quality spray bottles
  • HACCP color coded product line
  • Easy and safe to store
  • Compostable packaging

We aim to lead the way in making the professional cleaning industry more sustainable. Will you join our mission?
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