Evie Blue Sanitary Renewer Descaler

Professional “periodic” sanitary descaler for all types of sanitary environments. Removes with ease any level of limescale and soap deposits found in sanitary environments. Also efficient on urine stone and Rust. Formula based on phosphoric acid ingredients and presented as transparent gel. Always rinse surface with clean water after use.

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The product is ready to use. Extreme efficient on surfaces such as: tiles, wash basins, bath & shower cabins, toilets and urinals. Apply with a damp sponge or soft brush. After application, wait a few seconds for the cleaner to activate and clean the surface. Efficient on blockages of drainpipes and floor drains. *Do not use the product on nature stone surfaces (test before use). For professional use only.


Instant result, strong formula, transparent gel, scented, friendly to use.
Flexible goose neck for ease dispensing in toilet bowls.





sanitary renewer descaler

Sanitary Descaler 1 liter
pH 1 (+/- 0,5)

Sanitary descaler ready to use 1 liter.
Bottle equipped with gooseneck for easy access Toilet bowls.
Spray: dillute 1:1 with clean water.
Label color: red

1 pcs (1 x 1 liter)

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Cartonbox  (15 x 1 liter)

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